Working on some charm designs! I’m hoping to also do some stickers, and will maybe switch to that if it’s easier. But, for the moment, this is the style I’m working in. :>

Second one is already a shirt for Simon. 😛

Outfit Challenge

I saw the outfit meme on tumblr. I then had to draw it. 😛 At first I did just Rumple, then Dagur the Deranged from Dragons: Race to the Edge (‘cuz I’m very fond 0 v0). But then Sam told me he’d like to see a couple of my OC’s done up, so ok! It’s Araura and James. Fallen angel and reaper, respectively.

Rumple is Not A Fan of pop goth. XD Dagur loves his star boots though because the outfit’s shape is kinda similar to his usual garb – and he reckons it doesn’t matter if he’s wearing pastel, ‘cuz he could still kick yer teeth in. >:P Araura doesn’t know what to think of it. But if it was given to her as a gift she would definitely wear it out. James :^) would try badly to not look uncomfortable and would take it off as soon as he could (but would keep it in secret, if it were a gift, ‘cuz he ain’t used to that sort of thing).

Fanart Collection the first

I’ve done a little bit of fanart every now and then. I’d do more, but I jump around so much I’m too scared to tie myself down to any specific one… So have a few different paintings! 😮

TAK from Invader ZIM. She’s an interesting character and I’d like to explore her one day
:<ctak 2 smol

“Hrrrrrn… You look like a right… what’s that thing the kids are saying these days? A snack.
Murdoc from Gorillaz. He’s a fun one. Used him for a painting exploring grungey colours. >:3cbreaking down on the camel's back smol

Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon a Time. I have……………………………… feelings for this imp. Stronge feelimgs. I have like a 16 slide powerpoint screaming abt his characterisation that I might share with the world at 3am one day and I sincerely hope i finish it soon

Dearie! thumb

Pose like Adventurers!


A gift for my friend Sam! @samrot-the-wicked on Tumblr/ @samrotthewicked on Twitter. :>

He introduced me to WoW by explaining the lore to me, which he actually managed to do in a way I found way more interesting than any of the lore channels did on YouTube. 😛 So I made a character, and since he has about 13 max level character’s he’d fly me all around each world to watch the scenery and he’d explain the backstory of each one. It was a really nice, chill way to spend long nights. =w=

And this was his Christmas present! My Draenei Monk, and his Night Elf Druid. At the time of making this there was about a 90-level-gap between us but it was still fun to draw our characters.