Outfit Challenge

I saw the outfit meme on tumblr. I then had to draw it. 😛 At first I did just Rumple, then Dagur the Deranged from Dragons: Race to the Edge (‘cuz I’m very fond 0 v0). But then Sam told me he’d like to see a couple of my OC’s done up, so ok! It’s Araura and James. Fallen angel and reaper, respectively.

Rumple is Not A Fan of pop goth. XD Dagur loves his star boots though because the outfit’s shape is kinda similar to his usual garb – and he reckons it doesn’t matter if he’s wearing pastel, ‘cuz he could still kick yer teeth in. >:P Araura doesn’t know what to think of it. But if it was given to her as a gift she would definitely wear it out. James :^) would try badly to not look uncomfortable and would take it off as soon as he could (but would keep it in secret, if it were a gift, ‘cuz he ain’t used to that sort of thing).

Fanart Collection the first

I’ve done a little bit of fanart every now and then. I’d do more, but I jump around so much I’m too scared to tie myself down to any specific one… So have a few different paintings! 😮

TAK from Invader ZIM. She’s an interesting character and I’d like to explore her one day
:<ctak 2 smol

“Hrrrrrn… You look like a right… what’s that thing the kids are saying these days? A snack.
Murdoc from Gorillaz. He’s a fun one. Used him for a painting exploring grungey colours. >:3cbreaking down on the camel's back smol

Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon a Time. I have……………………………… feelings for this imp. Stronge feelimgs. I have like a 16 slide powerpoint screaming abt his characterisation that I might share with the world at 3am one day and I sincerely hope i finish it soon

Dearie! thumb

Pose like Adventurers!


A gift for my friend Sam! @samrot-the-wicked on Tumblr/ @samrotthewicked on Twitter. :>

He introduced me to WoW by explaining the lore to me, which he actually managed to do in a way I found way more interesting than any of the lore channels did on YouTube. 😛 So I made a character, and since he has about 13 max level character’s he’d fly me all around each world to watch the scenery and he’d explain the backstory of each one. It was a really nice, chill way to spend long nights. =w=

And this was his Christmas present! My Draenei Monk, and his Night Elf Druid. At the time of making this there was about a 90-level-gap between us but it was still fun to draw our characters.